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110% best price guarantee

No one will undercut Verti Store!

When you shop at Verti Store, shop with confidence, because we guarantee the lowest prices.

We don’t just match the lowest prices, we beat them… With an EXTRA -10% discount!

If you find a lower price at another retailer within fourteen (14) days of your purchase, we’ll match that price and offer you an additional -10% off the difference! This policy applies to all retailers, regardless of location. The Best Price Guarantee applies as much to the purchase of a single blind as to the purchase of all the blinds in your home.

Here’s how:
Please note that this warranty applies only during the fourteen (14) days following the date of your invoice for an identical product that has been verified on a website, catalog or flyer. You can now buy your blinds with the certainty of getting them at the best price from Verti Store.

1- Within fourteen (14) days of your invoice date, fill out this form and tell us where you found a better price.

2- We’ll check whether the competitor’s price comes from a website, catalog or flyer.

3- We will check our competitor’s price to ensure that it is a new, in-stock product whose design, brand, material, warranty, size, shape, color and UPC number are identical to the product in question.

4- We will verify any other additional charges requested by our competitor: delivery charges, taxes, brokerage fees, exchange rates and others. If necessary, these elements will be added to our competitor’s price. We’ll refund you accordingly – the more we match that price, the more we’ll give you an EXTRA -10% off the difference! No one will sell for less than Verti Store!

Please note that additional discounts do not apply to
“Equal Prizes